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She loves him altho Dad disapproves

well i was 14 and it was october 1st i went to my best friends house to help her shaperone a 6th grade party. there was like 50 6th and 7th graders there so yea the party was from 4:30 to 9:00 and i was so bored until one of the "big brothers" of one of the 6th graders came with one his mama to pick him up and my friend was like yea he lives close to my grandparents and she was like yea i used to liek him in 6th grade i was like dang! he is so hot! so i like just kinda started flirting with him then i walked in to her house i went to play the drums (i really suck) and she brought him in and i was like hey. then i sat on the bed and i go so do you go to the same school i go to and he was like uh no i go to alternative school. i go oh a bad by huh and he laughed. then like we went out to his moms car and listend to music and stuff and he goes het what is your number and i will call you some time i was so happy and i gave it to him he called me everyday and then the next day i went to eat and he called me from his friends house and i asked him who it was and i knew that guy cause another one of my awesome friends boyfriend thing and i had no clue that mine they new eachother and i was like oh that is kool and stuff so then we like seen him a few times like at a football game, the whole game he held me in his arms i was so cold and we kissed and stuf. i have never felt like this before! but then one day my dad found out that he was in alternative school and he told me i really f*ed up and i have never seen him so mad and he has never said that word before! i was like so grounded and that night when he called me i was cryin and he said what is wrong then i go i cant talk to you any more and he asked me why and i said my dad knows...everything and he was like okay and i had to get a new cell phone and everything but i got my friend to give it to him and she did so he called me that night and i just felt so good i missed him so much and he still calls me everyday and i love it! he told me he loved me and i was like dont say that unless you mean it because you are gonna mess with my emotions and he was like i mean it i go i love you too! i do with all my heart and i would do anything for him and his birthday was the other day and he is 16 and i will be 15 in 2 weeks and he just means so much to me and i reallyu love him and there is nothing i wouldn't do for him! nothin and i cant wait till he cames back to my school in april! i will see him a lot more and yea i kno this probly soounds like nothin to yall but it means the world to me!


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