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Never another teardrop fall

The very day we met. I should of known..the hurt i was setting myself up for if i let myself get invovled with you. I should of stayed away..but the moment i looked into your eyes..i was falling and i couldnt stop myself. Glad i didnt know the way it all would end..the way it all would go..i could of missed the pain..but looking back..i smile through my tears. Im doing better..i feel so much better..since i told you goodbye..for the last time. This stayin gone, thats for sure.
You broke my heart for the last time. I was hurting for a few days afterwards..but a week later.I was a whole new girl..i felt better..healthier almost. I wouldnt let myself or you talk me out of leaving this time. Happily Never After..because finally..i feel so better..after all..i'll never another teardrop free:)
Im not drowning anymore. Im not in denial anymore.


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