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It's getting better all the time

I felt it so strong. But im gonna state the obvious..nothing turned out how i wanted.You..turned out to be someone i at first didnt think you were. All the times you held me in your arms..held my face in your hands..and told me you loved never meant it..when you said forever and always..i know that..because you left me out like a penny in the rain.
I was SO in love. Take a look at you wish it was me? Whether you do or not. You will never find another girl who loves you like i do. You played me..but made it so you looked innocent. But its called KARMA and what goes around..comes around. Someone is gonna do you like you've done me honey. And when she wont be funny then. you would tell me you really cared about me..i used to believe you..but i dont anymore. Enough time has finally passed where i can look back..and tears no longer come to my eyes..when i talk about you. My heart doesnt ache..when i see troops in iraq. God doesnt make mountains we cant climb. Its getting better all the time. I will never forget you.Or the love i have for you.But time heals all wounds. I dont know what i will do if i ever see you again..but if/when that moment comes..i'll just smile and keep walking..because someday..your gonna love me..and wish you never did me wrong. Its getting better all the time.


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