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Your gentle presence

Dear A.L.,

You are the sweetest person my heart has ever known. I can't explain why I have fallen for you, but I will never be complete without your smile to brighten my day. I really hope someday you will take that risk with me. The risk of letting me know I am in your heart. Your gentle presence is the essence of what a woman should be. Your beauty is deeper than your skin. All I know is I want to be near you, to her your voice, and to know I hold your heart. Your fear to let me know this is holding you down. It's keeping you from your dreams. Anything worth having is worth taking the risk. Please know you are worth having. I keep taking risks, please take one for me. Let our hearts find out the full measure of our love for one another. Let us find the joy of becoming what you have always wanted, what you have always needed. I can't be who I am suppose to be without your essence and love in my being. Sincerely, P.C.


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