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My fireworks bliss

I was a lost 18 year old with a wounded heart wishing to leave for the marines. That was, until July 4th 2005 on the beach. I met the most beautiful insanely shy brunette in a denim skirt. She was a friend of a friend who lived 10 miles from my town but by chance knew my friend and was persuaded to come to the fireworks along the beach. We walked in a group along the beach and we didnt speak a word. That was until the sun went down. She asked were I was from and I learned her name and that's when the sky lit up with fireworks. She departed after a few hours, but we did have time to chat. But I feared it wouldn't be enough..but by persistence became me from that day forward, and all the pieces fell in place for that magic day.. We have been together ever since and I love her more and more as each day passes and will continue to love her following my last heart beat. She is my fireworks bliss and I knew it without a kiss.


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