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18 and married

I was 15 and everything in my dramatic teenage life felt as though it was comming to an abrubt halt when i found out i will not be attending the highschool of my dreams. but little did i know that would be the place i met the girl that competes me the girl that saves me from myself. we had the same 2nd period math class and thats were we fell in love. everybody knows how the dorky boy who meets the hot sweet girl and cant get his words out and makes himself look like an complete idiot? well yes that was me when ever she came my way i forgot how to talk all i could manage to say was hi. Well i guess that charmed her cuz by the end of the school year she was my girlfriend and now we are graduating and she is my wife yes 18 and married. so the 1st girlfriend i had my freshman year of high school, the 1st girl i kissed is my wife 9th grade to graduation and for the rest of our lives happy forever


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