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I felt so bad

My love story started in highschool grade8,I was trying out for basketball when i first saw him i was thristy so i needed a dollar my friend asked him and he gave it to me. Days went by i fell in love with him and he found. Then i found out he has another girlfriend i cried but still loved him. Then i had to change schools my life was soo gay
one day he came with my other friends to see me at school i was happy but i still new he had a gf and i was friends with her. Next day i found out they broke up and some people thought it was my falut. We then started hanging out he would cum every week to see me. Then he asked me to the movies we it was only me and him and i was having fun and we made out. I was in love with him even more says went by we talked to eachother eveyday on the computer then he asked me out and i said yes. everthing was fine then someone from my family found out about us and she told everyone in my house i was soo sad cuz they were hitting me and yelling at me and telling me to break up with him. And it was our 1 month they next day well i couldnt stay afterschool so i went at lunch time and i told him about it he said he loved and everthing will be fine. Then school was over and i wasnt allowed out so i couldnt see him but i had the computer so i talked to him on that. Then my parents found out i talk to ppl on the computer so they took it away well i was never allowed on the computer. The only was i talked to him was on the phone when i was home alone. Days went by one of my friends told me he started likeing someone elese i would ask him but he would always say no then one day he told me the truth. My heart was broken. I would cry for him and he just left me like that. I didnt know wut to do i just hated my life. Then school started i was trying to have fun but i missed him i would look at the gifts he gave me. Then i found out he was dating another chick not the one he broke up with me for. I tried hating him i said mean thing to him at my friends house but i still loved him. Then he got really sick and he was about to die i found out from my other friends and i felt soo bad that i wanted to see him but couldnt. I trying like someone else and told ppl i did but i didnt. So i finally got to go on the computer and when he comes online i talk to him and i just cant help myself and i cant hate him. I dont love him that way but i cant hate him or be mean to him and somethimes i cry. And i wait for him to cum online so i can talk to him.


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