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Soul mates till the end

I met this guy on a website that I now despise. Me and him started off like any other, just talking and being nice to each other. As we talked, there felt no connection other then being good friends between us. The more we talked the more he told me things about him, as I told him, we got to know each other pretty well and eventually we became great friends who basically knew everything about one another. One day in the summer, I had decided to get off the computer for a while, three weeks to three months had passed before I eagerly had hopped onto the computer to talk to him. As I got on, he instant messaged me, telling me he had missed me. Though there had been an incredibly long time between us, I felt as if we never missed a day. I felt amazing talking to him again. As we talked, I knew he had a girlfriend but not once stopped being myself, I had changed for the good, melted my ways around his. We became closer but I didn't forget about that girl he had and all the things he had told me in the past.

A few weeks passed and he told me his girlfriend, who was now his ex, had broken his heart. He acted like none of it had broken his heart, like he didn't cry or wouldn't and I didn't dare question it, just wished I had been there for the impact since I had found out the tragedy.

Basically in no time we were now talking and had gotten close friends, I had a huge crush on him, every night I'd ask God if there would ever be anything between us. He had been everything that I could ever ask for, he himself, to me, was like a God. He had a flaw here and there but it wasn't something that couldn't be over-looked, I had easily forgave him and forgot about it.

Going into girlfriend number two, he seemed happy, then so was I, at least that's what I put on to people, deep inside I was a little happy, figuring that there could be something for his new girl and that they may have a good future but as time went on, he told me that she had broken his heart by not talking to him at all. I was upset for him and he was a bit.

He quickly got over it, or at least that's what it seemed like. I smiled for him, opened his heart and told him it would all be okay. He believed me and out of the blue one day, he asked me out. Told me I was an amazing person and his best friend.

I was one of the only girls who ever had been true enough to him, spent all hours on him and was addicted to him, or at least was what it seemed like. Though it was obsession and I am a little naive at times, he loved it and we hit it off strong. He told me he loved me and though my family had started getting verbally abusive and eventually physical, I endured it all. He told me it'd all be okay as I once had for him.

Amazingly, of course, I believed him, he told me each night that one day, before I knew it, that he'd free me. He called me his angel and I loved my new nickname. He called me a lot of things along them lines and I never once complained and I couldn't for he was my everything.

He's my hero and everyday I thank fate for letting me meet him and give me the honor of him loving me, I feel as if in a past life we were mates of some kind, we were pulled to each other, have the same interests and have so much in common. We're soul mates till the end.


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