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She nearly screamed her head off

I was an unusual girl. My parents split up just four days ago. Ever since then I went to a public school (which was all new to me because I was always in a private school). I never knew people could be so mean there. It was Christmas break before I finally made a friend. She was the only one nice to me there. Everything was going swimmingly until I met a guy. I absolutely fell in love! He was the sweetest, cutest, most caring guy I ever met. (I'm gonna use different names here so my best friends name will be Tammy and the guy can be Sora. By the way don't ask me why, Sora is a Japanese name.) I decided to get to know him better. I made friends with him gradually. It was the day before Valentines Day. Sora and I were practically dating. Tammy and I we're going on double dates last night. We wanted it to be a surprise on who we take. Tammy got a hot student from math class and as usual I took Sora. When Tammy saw Sora walk in the movie theater with me. She nearly screamed her head off.

To be Continued...


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