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Twin brother

A girl was waiting at train station when a guy saw her sad face. Every day the girl always pray for the right guy to come by, she thought “if there is someone that truly exists”. One day, the guy saw her in a coffee shop where she works; it flashed to the guy’s memory a face of a sad girl –her sad face. But the girl didn’t notice him. The guy just sat at a table with his companions, but he never took his eyes of her. The next day, the guy put a lollipop in the glass panel of the coffee shop, and then he hid himself. The girl cleans up the front when something grabbed her attention –it was a lollipop. She smiled and turns around to find out who it was –no one was there. The other day, the guy peeped at the glass to with looking for the girl –he failed. So he again, just sticks another lollipop to the glass panel. He does it every day; he would attach a candy to the glass when no one is around. And the girl always expects it when she arrived at the shop, and just smile –a sweet and honest smile. She arrived early the next morning, and saw another lollipop, she quickly rushed outside the shop to find out who it was, but she failed. She just took the candy and smiled.

The guy arrives at the store at attached another candy, unaware of the girl’s presence standing next to him. He just made a silly smile, and just pointed at the candy. Then they became friends, really close friends. The girl goes out with him along with their friends. They were left alone just the two of them so they sat on a bench, and kissed. They were caught and teased by their friends; the girl ran and he followed her -offers her a candy, she smiled and accepted it. Whenever he’s late on their dates, or he made a fault, he would just gave her a candy; it’s he’s way of saying “I’m sorry”. It was the guy’s birthday, and they’re playing with the cake, when he put an icing to the girls nose. The girls didn’t like it and frowned, but he just smiled and gave her a candy. Then they had fireworks. It was fun.

On their date the following day, the girl asked if he loves her. Then he just smiled and said “of course”. She asked him to not leave her no matter what happens, and he promised. The girl was convinced so she just laid her head on his shoulder.

It was their month anniversary, so the girl rushed to their meeting place assuming that she was late. She stood there all day waiting for the guy to come by, but the guy didn’t’ show up. The following day she never heard a call from the guy, she was angry and at the same time anxious. Then someone stood in front of her –it was the guy! She ran towards him and she cried. The guy was stunned.

The succeeding days were not the same, the guy was uneasy whenever she tries to hold his hand. He was not as cheerful and affectionate as before. The guy wanted to make up for he’s actions so she treated a girl to a convenient store. They were eating their favorite foodstuff using chopsticks when the girl noticed something “I thought you were left handed?”. The guy replied “huh? ah yes I am, but I want to practice my right hand as well”. Then the girl thought: something’s not right.

The girl waited for the guy and he came late. The guy apologized but she was expecting something else –a candy that he usually gave to her. The guy asked her if there’s something wrong, and she confronted him. “Where is he?” she said. Guy: “Where is who?” Girl: “Where is the guy that I used to know?!” “The childish guy that always makes me laugh, and gives me a candy to make up for his mistakes” The guy was shocked and he began to cry. The girl asked what was wrong, and then something flashed at the back of his mind: a guy was walking with a basket full of candies when someone bumps onto him making the basket’s content scattered all over the place. The man apologized while he hurriedly picked up every piece unaware of the car that was coming. Then everything went black, there was blood on the guys hands. He woke up at the hospital, he was aware that was unable to take girl of his girl because of his condition so he asked his twin brother to pretend as him. Guy: “Please take care of her”. But he’s brother refused and just walked away. Without he’s knowledge his brother went to the coffee shop to tell the girl what happened to him. Alone, he cried and cried when he started to breathe harder and harder. He thought of the memories when he was with girl, when they first met, their dates, his birthday… “I’m Sorry”, then he’s heart beat stops –he’s dead.

He did not stop crying, and then she realized the whole scenario and started to cry as well.


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