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Go with your heart

In high school many years ago, I met and was secretly in love with a gal. I was so unsure of myself, and thought her so far out of my league that I never told her. We were best of friends and spent tons of time together, but never as bf/gf. It always seemed either her or me was in one of those short but intense high school romances with somebody else. Many times one wuold be consoling the other about a breakup, but it never happened between us...

Just recently we reconnected through a online message program. She had been marrried unhappily and said she had thoght of me often over the years etc etc. Eventually it came up... why didn't we ever hook up? Turns out she felt the same and in fact was afraid i didn't think of her as a love interest and so never made a play. I told her my tale and over the next few weeks, we fell in love and are moving in together next month.
Moral of the story...
If you are young ( or old ) and not sure or are afraid of rejecttion... take a deep breath and go with yuor heart. If you trust your heart and are honest with the other person, you can't go wrong. If it was meant to be, it will be spectacular. If it wasn't meant to be, you will be sad for a while - broken hearts are no fun - but you will not waste years wondering what if?
I am very happy, but also very sad that i wasted all those years without her because I was unsure.



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