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The mute girl

as a story always starts a boy meets a girl, but this girl is a mute and had stopped speaking ever since her father first hit her. even when her father left she still didnt speak. And when she moved to a diffrent middle school in 8th grade no body thought she was trully weird or anything. she was actually pretty norma. she loved shoppin and eating ice cream and watching chick flicks and since she couldnt speak, she couldnt speak badly of anyone so she got along well with girls althought her mom did want to send her to a a special school.
the guys liked her because she could draw anything even guyish things like tattoo designs and stuff. but everyday she would go home an feel like she was missing something she was only 13 but she trully wanted to fall in love. or atleast have a boyfriend because at her last school no boy had ever even looked at her twice even thought she was not ugly. she had shiny curly black hairdown to her waist with dark asiatic eyes that were framed by dark sooty lashes and a glowing tan even in the winter thanks to her spanish backround and she had a figure to die for but since she couldnt talk that for some reason through boys and girls alike off and they always acted someone akward with her.
but now she was afraid to speak, thinking that if she tried to speak now she'd sound like an idiot slurring and spitting and what not, plus she was completely happy with her self she didnt need love from a boy although she wanted it.
as she daydreamed of an imaginary boy of love in her art class, the art teacher announced rather loudly and disrupting her day dream, that she was going to give an art project in which they had to partner up and draw each other as they truly see each other. but it had to be done out of class.
awww crap andrea thought as she saw boys and girls standing and pairing up, she could see she was going to be left out sitting on her stool in the far corner, but as the sea of students cleared there was one boy left, Ryan.he was tall where andrea was short and had ash brown hair and striking green eyes but for some reason girls shyied away from him aswell. he slowly walked over to her like she was some frightened wounded animal, taking slow small steps. andrea nearly growled with disgust, of all the boys ryan was the one who treated her with the most akwardness and like she wasnt even human.
"sooo dooo youu want tooo bee myy partnerrr??" he said with exaggerated slowness. im mute not retarted, andrea wanted to say. instead she closed her eyes, sighed and nodded, what choice did she have? "okk thattts greattt" he said giving her a very fake smile "how about weee meeet in the parkk afterrrr schooool?? you knoww the bench with all the graffittiii on itt?" once again she gave him a wary nod and proceeded to gather her stuff to leave since art class was almost over. at a loss ryan kinda just made his way to his own stuff.

oh great, ryan thought, im stuck with the wierd mute girl... ok im just gonna draw her and get the heck out of here. as he made his way up the hill on to the lone grafitti bench he saw that she was already waiting for him, staring straight ahead over the baseball field that was at the foot of the large hill. the sun was shining in the spring sky behind her back and casting shadows over her face as her curls ruffled in the wind. well atleast she isnt ugly he thought. as he made her way over to her, her pale gray eyes flicked over to him and he automatically slowed, he didnt want to frighten her. her swore he saw a bit of gray fire in her eyes when he did this as if she were... angry. he was by her side and said "soooo howww aree youuu??' he wasnt even sure if she could hear him well since she was a mute. she quickly whipped out a pad and paper and wrote something heatedly,stode, and pressed it into his hands. it said " i hear you fine, im not deaf, talk to me normally thank you". he gave a laugh when he stared down onto her tiny face below his. he towered over her 5 ft one frame. she simply rolled her eyes and sat cross legged on the grass in the shade of the tree and motioned for him to do the same. as he sat he pulled out his over sized pad of paper and graphite pencils his mom had gifted her "little artist" for his birthday. "uh ill go first" he said and she gave a small nod as an answer.she sat in front of him looking at him as he sat with the pad of paper on his lap
watching him work, his brow creased in concentration she wondered why no girl would want him, hes so handsome with those lovely green eyes and muscular build she thought, oh no andrea non of that. she tried to wipe her mind clean but the thoughts persisted
on his side the thoughts were quite similar. as her came to drawing her eyes in he began to compare them to how the sky looked before it snowed, gray and deep... and troubled he realized. "have you ever spoken?" he asked quietly, he really didnt want to upset her but her was courios, he didnt know much about her. she gave him another short nod. "oh.. did you permanantly lose your voice then?" she gave a slight smile at this and shook her head sending her curls over her shoulder. he kept drawing for some time as he mulled this over.. "so you could talk now if you wanted to?" she gave it some thought and shrugged and quickly wrote in neat script on her pad, tore it off, and handed it to him. he read it " i dont really know any more i dont know how my voice sounds or anything".
he went back to drawing and looked up agian and said "well why dont you just shout something and find out i mean your voice cant posibly sound thatt bad" she shook with silent laughter and for some reason this made ryan smile her pink lips parted around her white teeth her eyes closed she looked posivly gorgeous all the other snobbish girls in the clss couldnt compare. she shook her head and mouthed, actually mouthed "no". he gave a theatricle gasp and said "see!? you can mouth words so you can speak you little sneak!!" she gave more of her silent laughter and just shook her head harder sending her shining curls all over.
"well anyway im done,. wanna take a look?" she scooted over to his side and then leaned over him to look at it. she let out a gasp and covered her mouth it looked exactly like her even though it was in pencil. the shade of gray in her eyes her dark black curls and the shine in them ...everything was just right. as she took it in ryan took in her sweet vanilla scent, god, she was already having him notice all the small things about her.
she turned her head to his and smiled and then before he had time to react she half hugged him half tackled him to the ground he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist feeling her soft curls against his shoulder but then she suddenly let go and pulled back. her eyes were wide with apology "heh so i take it you think well get a good grade?" he said with a smile and the answering smile she gave back was dazzling.

they met a many more times, drawing each other ryan talking to andrea andrea writing to ryan in the park so she could draw him, the whole time he watched her tiny hand brush over the paper he wondered what it would feel like on his cheek and to hold her in his arms again...he sighed at the thought. never going to happen girls never like me. thoughts about her kept coming more frequently and he felt something new in his heart he watched her the whole day in school and was amazed with her and the way she looked back at him with those stricking gray eyes sparkeling now was diffrent and had his stomach doing flips. "andrea" he asked hesitantly "will you ever speak agin?" she thought for a second pulled out her paper pad and wrote quickly on it "when it deserves to be heard, perhaps ill speak" he stared at the paper "could i ever deserve it?" he whispered.
andrea jerked her head up and stared into the depths of his troubled green eyes. yes she thought yes you deserve it but im scared. she placed the pen and pad of paper to her side and crwled over to him and rested her head on his shoulder. his arms came about her waist and pulled her a little closer. she looked up in to his eyes and stroked his cheek and he closed his eyes and sighed, as if he had been waiting for her to do that.
then with his eyes closed she gently and shyly placed her lips against his and her eyes fluttered closed he tensed then relaxed his lips moved against hers gently but persistantly letting her know he wanted it to go on. he sighed her name onto her lips and held her in his lap. her hands came to curl around his neck and he didnt ever want to let her go. sure it could be hormones on both thier parts but he doubted it. ryan she thought ryan she wanted to say his name but was afraid it would come out all wrong. she gently mumbled it agianst his lips. his eyes snapped open and he slid his hands under her armpits and held her at arms length staring at her scared but amazed "wh- what did you say?" she shook her head rufusing to give her answer "did you say my name" she looked at him through her dark lashes her gray eyes glinting with shyness, she nodded "will you say it agian?" she shook her head. he pulled her back into his arms and she relaxed. my god i might have imgined it but her voice sounded beautiful i must hear it agian he thought some how. he asked her " andrea will you be with me?" she wrote something quickly and with out rousing her self from his arms, slapped in on his forhead. he laughed and pulled it down it read "yes i will Ryan, but you mustnt tell any one!" that did it he howled with happiness and pulled them both to thier feet and scooped her up of the ground and danced around in circles "what ever you say...darling" she simply rolled her eyes and clung tighter to his neck.

andrea and ryan met in the park whenever they could and even though neither admittted it they both were falling in love with each other. but unlke andrea, ryan wanted to tell her, wanted to admit his love, to her.
they met in the park as always and after ryan had scooped andrea up and twirled her about and they lay in the grass, under the setting sun, ryan turned on his side and stared at andrea and her gray eyes watching him warily as her curls sprayed about her head like a black halo. he said it, he could hold it in any longer "andrea i-i- i love you" her eyes widened and she sat up she began to pull on her sweater but ryan stopper her "andrea, no please, if you dont love me tell me, but do you love me" she stared uncertainly into his eyes and nodded "then please just stay im not asking for anything more just stay with me" she nodded and layed back down and so did he.
they layed there for great while, niether saying anything and just as ryan was about to drift off into sleep he heard " ryan i love you" in a voice he had only heard in his dreams so sugury sweet and slightly deep for a girls voice but sooo lovely and innocent it broke his heart.
he sat up and stared at andrea "andrea did you just say something?" she slowly nodded. "will you say it agian" she again, nodded and sat up, he held her hand. "" he smiled so hard his cheeks hurt say i agian please "ryan i love you" she said gently "oh andrea i trully love you, ill love you always" and to solidifly his promise he leaned in and kissed her under the setting sun


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