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Just like Romeo and Juliet

I had always been a quiet girl. I had a few friends who I wasn't very close with. I mostly kept to myself.

And for many years since childhood, I blended into the shadows. I was never noticed, and I like that. But then the summer going into tenth grade, something changed. I lost fifteen pounds due to family stress and I let my blonde hair grow out of it's shoulder length bob.

I hadn't been ugly before, but not very pretty either. But I knew I had changed over the summer. When I came back to school, people noticed.

Suddenly, no one let me blend in. There was always someone there, trying to talk to me. The attention that surronded me was dizzying, and I wished I could blend back in again.

Then I met Jacob.

He was quiet, sad, and so incredibly good-looking. He was the new student and I could tell he, too, was used to blending in and the attention scared him. He was a grade above me but we took Spanish together. We always got partnered up.

I befriended shortly and I found our friendship was as easy as I could be. I had never been close to any of my friends but it was different with Jacob. I felt like I KNEW him.

It wasn't long before our friendship evovled into something more. We dated for a two years. When I was senior, he went off to join the Army. Before he left, he proposed to me. We were madly in love. Of course, I said yes.

Around the middle of my senior year, I got into a hideous car accident. I was on ICU, and it didn't look like I'd survive. My mom called home after she found I'd been in the accident but the phone connection was bad, at least that's what my brother told me later. He heard on the phone that I was dead.

Of course he called Jacob. He told Jacob that I was dead because that's what he thought. Jacob believed him, and took it seriously.

The first news I got, when I woke up and asked for Jacob was that he was dead. At the time, Mom called it an "accident." I didn't learn until a few weeks later that he shot himself in the head because he thought I was dead.

Just like Romeo and Juliet, right? Except, I'm not dead yet.


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