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.... It's a story that has a special meaning to me "her". When you give your heart time to heal your scared to be wounded again. But, not this time my heart was convinced that she is the blessing i've always been waiting for. Her arrival in my life was perfectly set. The moment where you tend to give in and say "Its over for me" became "It's the beginning for us". From the very first day I pinky promised never to give up and to always care. Constantly I remind her the value she is to me and tell her a bedtime every night to reassure her that I was not going anywhere. I promised to care about her no matter how many obstacles came across us. I don't want to be a string attached to your life I want to be a heart united with yours. I want to be the person you cry on. I want to be the one that listens to your voice every night. I want to be the one that can provide you with pure love. I want this to be the article you read to show you how much you mean to me.

Before her I was blind she is the person my heart saw first.
Her voice was the first that I heard when I was deaf.
When I was mute she is the first to her me express myself to.
I weared my heart on my sleeve for you.
Because i know your the one.

-Your Truly
Prince Twiggy

Ps. I want to be john waiting for carrie.


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