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When your out hanging out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, or friends do you ever think that might be the last time you see them? Well keep reading and you will find out what happened to my boyfriend, my best friend, their boyfriend, his best friend, and his girlfriend.
We were out at the mall and were being average teenagers goofing around. I didn't fell good all day I had a feeling, but just wasn't sure what it was telling me. So I said, "C**** I think it's time we go home. I don't feel good and I have a weird feeling." Well, he was having too much fun he wanted to stay. About an hour after we left the mall... we stopped by McDonald's to get something to eat. On our drive home David grabbed my hand and said I love you. My eyes started tearing up. He told me he cheated on me with on of my other best friends. I pushed him away and cried so he tried to comfort me and love me when all of a sudden.... a Ford F-150 hits the side of us. My best friend L****n, my boyfriend C****, and his best friend J**** instantly died. The rest of us were in the hospital for 2 weeks. I didn't remember right off hand what happened, but I soon got my memory back.
When we went back to the car to get our stuff out I found a note. A note from Chris that he wrote and I'm not sure what it was for.
It said: Dear B****, I love you so much and I feel so bad about cheating on you. I wanna kill myself for doing it. You know I have never in the 3 years we have dated to hurt you. And it hurts me so much that I wanna die to show you when I said I would die for you I was being serious. B**** If I do die please for me find someone who cares for you more then me. I love you with everything I am.
It broke my heart and made me feel bad. I still haven't found a single guy who would care at all as much as C****.
But that is my story. So think about the next time your out with your friends, you hurt someone, or truly care.I hope you have much more consideration for the one you love.

P.S. my true story


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