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On one knee

my girl friend wasnt always my girlfriend about three four years ago we were complete strangers i was at school in florida and she was in minnesota. we met through a friend of mine that i lost touch with, i was goin through a hard time and didnt want anything to do with anybody, but my buddy convinced me tto talk to one of his friends. feb 13 a day i cant forget, sod she was so shy, but when i spoke to her she made all my worrys go away when i talked to her she made me feel indescribable as though id found apart of me id been missing my whole life. i knew from the first time i talked to her she was the one, the only woman for me. i continued to talk to her as the months, the years passed i grew more in love with her. i finnaly grew enough courage and saved up enough cash to finnally see her, it was dec 27. i was so nervous, waiting for her wonderin what she might think of me. then i saw her walking in a huge crowd i knew it was her because shelooked like an angel and it was as though it were love at first sight. she took my breath away. our love for each other grew stronger and stronger the way she made me fell is indescribable, but amazing. i never felt this way about anyone in my whole life. we did break each others heart one day while i was deployed in afghanistan. it really got to me but ssome how we made it through we forgave each other and when i finnally got to see her when i was back in the states i realized that my love for her had not changed it only grew stronger, the saying you dont know what you got till its lost, is as true as they come i was crushed without her but i knew deepdown we were inseperable cuz even though we were mad at each other and we broke up we still spoke everyday. i thank god for bringing me and her back together. inever believed inangels till the day of the marinecorps ball seeing my girl come out of the shower in her dress she was so beautiful i thought i died and went to heaven.. its been four years since the first day i talked to her weve had our ups and downs, i know shes the one i want to be with, to spend the rest of my life with. i know theres a day in march that we wont forget becuse its the day im going to tell her how amazing she is and im going to tell her i cant see my self with anyone else except her cause my love for you is neverending then im going to drop down to one knee and im going to ask her to marry me....


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