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Waiting for love

I loved this guy named Cory and I thought he was the world to me. Now that hes moved away from me. I feel so alone. Some times I wish he diden t leave me but its ok cause I try not to worry about it. Thats harder doing than saying, right? Well any ways he left and now I feel more alone than ever because my mother knows that we did some thing together and I don t know what to do. Its so over rated some times cause my mom and dad is devorsed and she is a, well lets just say shes not a very good person! Really its that bad! My dad dosent worry about it cause hes my best friend and he understands me. Like any of my best friends. Its ok because I know that god is there for me and Im always praying to god that Cory don t do some thing stupid! Like well say the wrong thing and get in trouble. I just miss him so bad! I love him and I still do!!! I ll never feel the same with out him but Im goimg out with this guy named Ira and so far its really good! Any ways I ll never love any body the same like Cory! I hope he knows that. I know he loves me back because he said he did to my Aunt and he tells her every thing and every thing hasen t been going that well but Im holding on, trying to any ways! Hes 17 and Im 14 going on 15. That won t work will it? Any ways I still talk to him and hes never told me to my face that he loved me and Im still waiting! I Love U! CORY!!!


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