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Letter from dead soldier

Its been 6 months and 7 days since i got a knock on the door.Someone i had never met had come to tell me that my fiance was dead.Someone i didnt know came to give me his medals..and a letter..telling me that he had been killed trying to save another soldier.I still cant believe it.I try to open my eyes..but i cant.I just cant accept that its true.But your letters have stopped.And everyone is looking at my with sad eyes.I cant make it go away.No i cant stand the pain.Why did this happen? I fade away with ever passing surprised i found the strength to get out of bed..and do this.I falling apart.God i miss him soo much.So i try to hold on to our memories..the night you asked me to spend my life with you.Oh God..i cant do this..Nothing is helping..god please let this be just a dream..the whole time at his funeral..i couldnt breathe..people hugged me aandd...sayed how sorry they were.But i looked at you..i love you.i miss you more than words can say.I dont think i'll ever be ok.but we will be together again.I never thought your last letter..would be your LAST letter..your mom gave me a letter you gave her to give to me in case anything happened to you..we never talked about it..because i refused to think that would it has..every morning i wake up and its like i relive that day over and over again.Your mom and i held hands and i could barely read your letter through all my said "If your reading mom is prolly there beside you honey..and if your reading dead.But you will be alright.You will move on someday..dont feel guilty..all i want is for you to be happy..I love you more than you can know.And i will be watching over you.Tell everyone i love them.And i'll see ya'll in heaven.I love you baby..i love you.Please be ok..for me.I love you." I saw you a stangers face..i heard you laugh today..i saw you today..


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