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my life was going horrible,till i went to my new skewl.i walked in my skin flushed,i looked over my sholder seeing a really hot guy.weeks went on &we became closer..that summer we went summer skewl 2-gether.he then messaged me on myspace askin for my number.i couldnt breath!but then when we talked it was all about his g.f.! i was so dissapointed.but then we became true besties,we talked constuntly..& he made jokes about her,they soon broke up,& he flirted with me even more!i got my flirts in to! he then asked me.."what would you say if i asked you out?"i felt my heart skip 5 beats,tie in a not & scream! i told him,"well i donno..yess..probly..? "he quickly changed the subject.i was cofused.and tried to ignore the question.but now days,hes a jerk.acually hes the same i just never saw it.hes in a gang the play boy surenos,&his g.f.,mite be nocked up.and me?well im only 13,but i have a good boyfriend,and dont want anybody but him.back then i would have been bumbed,i wasnt his g.f.,but now i think im luckie!


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