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Dead love

Since the first day that i saw you my heart begun to pounder while you walked your beautiful smile while you walked with your beautiful hair after that day i didnt see you until the day of the accident while your mom was crying for help in the middle of a street seeing you in the ground i began to run as fast as i could until i got there i carried you into a safehouse where help arrive soon after but it was to late i didnt even know your name but the only thing i remembered was when you smiled at me in our class when i saw your beautuful hair shining in the air the first time i saw you i fell in love with you and i know you fell in love with me and in the lunch room where we smiled at each other careless about what others say but now i'm at the hospital waitin to see if its true that your gone forever thr docter comes and with a sad face looks at her family and me and says sorry she didnt make it thats when i broke in million pieces every part of my heart broke apart now all i do is look outside my window at night and i see your beauty in the moon like the stars shining just like your eyes but now where ever you are i want you to know that i love you A.S


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