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Working on our family

i met him many years ago. i was always impressed with him. he became my first real guy friend.he was smart and funny and attractive with great morals, he was a hard worker was very determined he was strong both metally and physically he was respectful he had great taste he was generous he was just an amazing person. we became friends with benefits after some time and sure enough he was a great lover too. we never had anything but good times. he joined the navy and i spent a lot of time with him on the phone and i always loved his visits. we would both have our own relationships and during those times and remained great friends. i started dating his brother in law, which i had known for a very long time. all three of us had even lived together on multiple occasions and ět worked out great. i remained with his brother in law for a little longer than two years before he cheated on me and i kicked him to the curb. my friend was there for me every step of the way and after time i started dating other guys and even went back to being perfectly happy again. my friend and i had started living together which was just great. in time we started the friends with benefits relationship once again. but this time was definity different. we realized how much we cared for each other in more than a friends way. we became exclusive and eventually we tied the knot. we are still together to this day and couldn't be happier working on our family


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