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Rugby love

It was just an ordanary saturday and i went round and called for my cousin to come to rugby but she was pooley so i went alone and noramally i would be her partener in a team on the rugby feild but she wasnt there so i was on my own but . . . This girl who iv seen around school a few times just in the year above me walked who was also on my rugby team but iv never spoken to her before she said you can be my partener today if ya want so i said yeah oright then so we got talking and that after the rugby game she gave me her email adress and we got talkin on there when i wasnt at rugby and then one night she was round at her mates house who also lives on my street and she popped up online and said im at my mates around the corner from your house do you wanna come out for abit cause its the weekend? I said yeah so i went out and got talkin and to know her better also got her number then we started textin when she wasnt online or at rugby n i got a text frew saying " do you wanna sleep at mine this weekend after the rugby mathch?" So, i said "yeah" any way i did and when we was ready for bed we ended up kissin n then turned over n went to sleep we talked about it in the mornin n both said it was a mistake where just friends! But each time i slept at hers we ended up kissing and this carried on from ther she came abroad with me and my parents n we did sexual stuff there, but she told me she had fallen for me. But also i really liked the feeling of doing stuff and being with her and easter time came and we got together, we lasted two full years but now were seperatedl.

IM 15 now buy the way


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