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God's plan

Maybe we have many love stories in our life.. Usually, we meet Romantic or tragic love.. And until know, maybe i just have tragic love in my lič.. In this senior high school, i meet a boy who ever meet with me when i was in the first junior high school.. Before meet him, i still love the other man.. i never feel anything in him in the first month.. Time after time, he sent sms to me.. And sometimes he calls me more than an hour.. Although i know after two months, he sent and call another girl.. I feel very happy and never think the man who i love before.. I feel deeply to him.. And he invite me to go to mall with him twice.. So happy at the time.. But, one week before he celebrate his birthday, he didn't call me anymore.. And my friend tell me if he call and sent to his friend whom he like.. I'm very sad.. And my friend tell me on that week that he doesn't love me because i'm not beautiful.. I think because that small reason he doesn't love me? My heart was broken at that time.. And i can't say anything.. What i can do after hear that just cry and tell to my best friend.. But before that week, i pray to God.. If God bless me with him.. It doesn't matter if he stay beside of me.. But If God don't give him for me.. Please don't give me hope to be his girlfriend.. And God gave His answer.. Now i know that's God's plan.. And i just think, although we think he is the good one, but if God don't give him to us.. It means he want us to have a relationship with the other man, which better than our choise.. So, love them with your full heart..Don't because a small reason, you broke your relationship and your love.. And don't think about their physical.. Just look with their heart.. Gbu.. ^^


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