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Corrupting high school years?

I'm 13 years old.He is 15. I have always liked him. He is all I ever think about. I really love him,and I know a 13 year old is not supposed 2 say shes in love but I know its love. My mom and I r really close, and I talk bout him alllllllll the time.(She says its fate.)We text all the time,but when he dosnt text 4 a day cause he is grounded 4 something idk i get this uncomftable stomach ache and I get very moody. When he dose talk 2 me or text me back I am the happest girl on the planet. I have it bad,I know. The thing is since he is 2 years older and not to mention very popular and im just the pretty shy girl. He dose have a lot of admirers,and i feel lucky cause he loves me back im pretty sure. Hes always making sure i im ok and that makes me even more crazy bout him. Hopfully the big age difference dosnt corupt my highschool years!!<3


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