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Following his dreams

So one day like a usual girl, I was at the mall with my girls. And i saw this really hot guy that worked at A&F. So of course me being me i went up to him and got his number. We started talking and texting and hanging out and right away i knew it was something special. At my highschool everyone thought of me as the girl that "hooks-up" with every guy and even my best friends laugh when i told them that i can make a relationship work. We started dating and at first i had a lot of doubts. The fact that he was the "bad boy" type of guy and that he was 4 years older then me scared me a little bit. But everything was perfect. I couldn't believe that i was falling in love, real love. Last week on out 6 months he told me that he was moving to New York to go to college next month. New york is about 10 hours away from where we live now. I don't know what to do. I know i will miss the i love you's, the trips to the beach, the movie nights, the kissing in the rain, the stupid little fights, road-trips, and how crazy we are about each other. I'm completly in love for the first time. And for the first time i feel like my heart is about to be completly broken.

I can't imagine being in a long distance relationship because that never works. Especially with Stephen, the biggest party person ever. I just want to grab his hang and hold onto it forever. But i can't stop him from following his dreams. I love him so muchhh <3


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