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RIP my love

Ever since i was small i've always thought soldiers were mean people until I met this army Leuitenant who looked very young (he was 21, i was 20 at the time), he was sitting on the bench at the park feeding the pigeons so i decided to approach him and told him "you shouldn't feed the pigeons" he looked up and smiled replying "Sorry about that ma'm, hey do you know where the nearest stationary shop is i really need to get some stationary for my men" i could tell he's not from around here so i decided to walk him to the nearest shop and on the way we started talking.

Being an anti-war person myself i've asked him he's view points of the war in the middle east, he replied "To be honest i don't like the war myself but i want to make a difference, i want to bring my men back alive and complete the tasks given to me." As we kept walking we saw a few guys trying to push their car and without a second thought he ran to help them out i thought to myself 'i thought officers were arrogant, why would this guy help them' so anyways as i got to know him more he's likes /dislikes (he hates sushi with a burning passion) and what he does it turns out he cares about he's friends and family which caused him to join the army to protect them. After we've got the stationary at that point he had to go back to work and thanked me for everything i grabbed he's arm and gave him my number from there our friendship started.

As 5 months went by we became close friends, hanging out after work sometimes i'd find him goofing around outside of my college waiting for me haha he was a really funny guy too, as i grew closer and closer to him over time and lacked the courage to ask him for a date and become more than friends the most heart aching event happened.. he came to my house asking me to look after he's pet cat because he was going to Iraq, a tear rolled down my face and he told me smiling "don't worry i'll be back by my 22nd birthday! and i hope you'll be there.. take care of my cat!", i wanted to say i love him i didn't want him to go but i still held back so i wished him well and hope i'll muster up the courage on he's 22nd birthday.

A year passed he called me numerous times during he's deployment but one week before he's birthday he told me that he'll be having he's birthday at he's mom's house cause he's never seen he's mom for years, on the day of he's birthday i was so happy that i'll see him again i practiced what i was gonna say to him on the way in the car, when i got to he's parents house i noticed that there was only one car so i parked, walked to the door and knocked.. he's mother answered the door and i asked if he was back, he's mother tearfully responded that he passed away 3 days before he's birthday from there i could not believe it, i broke down in tears my heart was broken the mother handed me the last letter he sent it said "Hey mom, how are you? i'm gonna be home soon i can't wait to celebrate my birthday and to see everyone again as well as my awesome cat, oh yeah i'm gonna introduce you to a friend of mine she goes to college and she's really cool, i've fallen in love with her and i want to make her a part of the family okay anyways take care and see you soon."

He was a kind hearted and gentle person who was respected by many. He's mom said for me to take care of he's cat which in turn cheered me up abit knowing that i'm privilaged in looking after he's cat, after all he claimed he's cat is the 'pinnacle of awesomeness and the master of gravity' RIP my love.


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