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So it was this past Valentines, well the day before.
The school was holding a dance, I was never really too interested in them, I love dancing, but people would show up drunk and I'd hear tales of horror about people being sick everywhere. Didn't sound like fun.
But there's this one boy, I noticed him in my science class. He'd always peek over and smile at me, I didn't think much of it I was with someone at the time. (Someone not too nice) Eventually he and I broke up and I started talking to this boy who would look at me and smile.
He's quite interesting, we ended up having A LOT of same interests, he would invite me to watch his hockey games and I'd LOVE to go.

One day he asked me to the dance when we were eating lunch together, of course I said yes. So while arriving there, I saw him standing far up the hall looking back at me with the nicest look in his eyes. I actually felt pretty for once in my life.

So we start dancing, and he's a rather shy guy. We eventually started slow-dancing together and people KEPT coming up and doing silly drunkenly retarded things around us, which in a way would ruin the moment. It was 9:30pm and the dance ended at 10pm. I finally said enough, and "Don't Stop Beliving" by Journey came on. We slow danced to it and he would just look down and smile really big at me, we moved to the dead middle of the dance floor and people took the hint to leave us alone. I went in for the kill and kissed him, It was the most amazing kiss of my life. After a few more the music heightened and all of a sudden this spotlight shone on us out of no where we both looked at each other and then he started kissing me and hugging me. It was quite romantic in my oppinion, we're still together today. =)


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