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Maniac fell in love

i was working in a call center. in the mean time i made lots of friends. amont them their was a guy . he was not that good looking or the wannabe person in the group but their was always something mistirious about him . it was its nature or you can say his behaviour. he some times irritated me e.g durind our vna tranning i was cheaking my e-mails and one of my friends sent me pictures of babies. i was overjoyed by seeing thoes innocent faces . this guy came to me and started to stare at those pictures and instantly said that babies are so tiny,irretating and ugly that they should be barbequed and eaten with salt and pepper. i was shocked at the same time i laughed bcoz i have never heard of this idiotic talk befor. i couldn't believed my ears. this kind of unusual person he was. after few days me and my friend were betting on my other female best friend. after long argument we dicided on that he will propose my best friend at the same time i have to propose one of his male friends and we have to win their hearts. who ever does that first will win the bet and 1000 rs. the guy i was going to propose was of my friends choice and he choosed non other than that maniac. i was not ready and burst into laugh but somehow i agreed. after all it was just going to be a prank , a friendly day we proposed to our respective partners . from my side the maniac couldnt belive me . he told me that he needs some time to think. at the same time my other friend was giving his 100 percent to convince my best friend. compitation was very tough. two to three days i was working hard to gain the maniacs heart. i used to eat with him , hang around with him during breaks and to show my love was true to him i did not miss any oppurtunity to messege him from my mobile phone that how much i care 4 him and bingo i made him fall in love with me. i won the bet. i earnd 1000 rs. by that time maniacs comfort level grew day by day towerds me. but from inside i was suffocating .i wanted to tell him u r the worst nitmare of my life. now this was the problem with me . i just wanted to run away atleast a 100 miles from him. i was not prepared how to tell him.but one night after our shift in the car parking i just casualy told him " i dont love you it was just a prank. me and my friend were betting on you" i told him the whole truth how and when this started. i also told him about the 1000 bucks i got.i thought that he would laugh at it . insted his face became serious . he just told me once " if u wanted 1000 bucks you should have told me .i would have given u 1000 money a criteria in a friendship" he paused for a moment and said "or in love". turned away and went to the washroom. i was excieted to tell everyone about his reaction .so i rushed to the canteen and told everyone.we had a good laugh on him.i came back to parking bay . he was comming from the washroom . his face was sour and wet. his eyes were red.he sat in his car and dissappered . my heart sank . i got a bad feeling . yes i knew i was feeling guilty. i made the boy cry. somebody was hurt, angry and cried because of me. i never forget his face. i realized my mistake and i was in love with him .this time ,truly

how again i gained his confidance is a different story . but that i will tell you next time.


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