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Don't settle for first bf

i thought i loved him, i thought he loved me. i was so very wrong. i wanted to fit in to be able to talk about my first boyfriend at sleepovers and gossip columns. biggest mistzke. the guy didn't really love me. he said he did over and over he said so. it was false tho. this boy is CR
CR asked me out i denied him i didnt think his love was real. he asked over and over. to be rejected over and over. finally he convinced me. convinced me or was annoying me--so i said yes. he was happy at first. then he wanted more... a hug. sounds like so little but i was in 5th grade and he was 11. i was 12. it was my first boyfriend and i didnt want to hug him. he started getting real pushy. he didnt treat me right. made fun of me, tricked me into doing stupid things for him and his gay friends. i was sick of it. the only reason we stayed together was for my best friend. she didnt want to be the only one with a boyfriend. but i had to end it. so i did. he was heart broken. he wouldnt talk to me for a month and everytime i looked at him he would get all sad. i started to feel sorry for CR. turns out thats what he wanted. me to feel sorry for him and get back together. stupid boy. i told him i didnt want to. he became a horrible player. dating or trying to date all my best friends. and every other girl who mentioned he was cute or funny. ugh i hate u CR! then at a concert he was in (he doesnt sing well he was forced to do this) i noticed he wasnt as cute as everyone said. he's got a huge nose. lol he was using me i later found out. using me so much. and i was to stupid to realize it. now i've been in and out of much better relationships, and am single. i've found its a good way to go through life right now. i'll wait for the right guy and not settle because i'm told to.


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