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Mistaken identity

When I was younger(sophmore year), I had a best friend that I did everything with. We told eachother secrets and we both knew who the other one liked. She was head over heels for this guy who I didn't like more than a friend, and I drooled over a guy she didn't like more than a friend, so it was kind of a funny thing talking about boys.

When she would spend the night at my house, we would sneek out and go hang out at our friend(the guy she liked)'s house. He didn't know she liked him and we'd been friends for like ever and she really didn't show it so it was hard to tell unless you knew. Well, when we would go over there, we would usually sleep there and then go back before my parents got up. He had this travel trailer that the three of us stayed in and the bed in there was big so we'd sit up and talk until we got tired. Somehow he always ended up in the middle, and he would play with my friend's hair until she fell asleep. When she went to sleep, he would, too. One night when we were there, everyone had gone to sleep and I forgot I was in the trailer. I roller over and fell off the bed. It didn't hurt because it wasn't really that high off the floor, but the gap in between the bed and the wall was only about who feet wide. I looked up and he was looking at me and, whispering, asking me if I was okay. He stood up at my feet and offered me his hand. He helped me stand up. When I was on my feet again, he grabbed both of my hands and put them on his neck. Then, he grabbed my sides and pulled me to him. I don't know what I was thinking, I kissed him. I was lost in the moment; none of it seemed real, like it was all a dream or something. We heard Sam moan so we stepped away from each other. "Guys?" I hadn't realized we were in the corner where it was freakishly dark. "Over here, I was gonna get some water." He said. "I fell off the bed," I admitted, "Water sounds good, I'm thirsty." Sam rolled back over and I heard something along the lines of "Bring me one back." We walked into the other part of the trailer to get the bottles. I got three out of the cooler and handed him one. He took them from me and sat them on the top of the cooler, then he put his hand on my back and softly tickled me. It made me crazy, I dont know what he did exactly, but man! I lost it. He kissed me...really softly like he was making sure it was alright. I ran my hands under his shirt and kissed him back. He was in weight lifting so he was sculpted, which made touching him more exciting.

The next day, I told him about how Sam liked him and so nothing could happen. He told me he would talk to her. When we went to school the next day, she was crying. I knew she had to be horribly mad at me and I was sure he'd told her about what had happened two nights ago. I approached with caution and asked her what was wrong. She told me about how the guy she liked was moving out of state and she'd never see him again. I was very, very confused. When Jacob came in, I walked over and asked him if he was moving out of state. When he told me he wasn't, I was so confused, it was crazy. It turns out, she liked a different guy who was a senoir. I was so relieved! Jacob and I dated all through the rest of high school and college. We've been married now for 15 years and Sam is still my best friend.

P.S. He still does that thing every once in a while where he runs his fingers on my back. I love him so, so much!


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