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Maybe in another life

Dear J,
It's been 11 months since the last time i saw you. One year since we first met. I got used to living without you. But i guess i was in love with your memory. You know i love you, i really do. But i cant fight for you anymore. Maybe we'll be together again, in another life. I dont know where you are, but i cant help but wonder sometimes. I get so angry at myself somedays. I pretend i dont see the way they look at me. They all know how i fell for you. I know you dont care..but i just wish you much i loved you. In another life..maybe we'll be together. Back when we were good, i never felt so alive. You were my light. But you walked away, I wish i could go back and tell myself what i know now. I Love You. That wasnt enough. I had to watch you walk heart was breaking again..but i couldnt let myself fall apart in front of everyone. This love is taking all of my energy. How could you be so cold? All i ever wanted was you. All i ever wanted was for you to love me. I stood there loving you while you loved another. I sat and watched helplessly as you built me up and tore me down over and over again. But at least then i knew i was alive. Where ever you are J..i hope your safe. you know i love you, i really do. But i also know im better off without you. Maybe in another life..we can get things right. I couldnt fight anymore for you. I miss the way it used to be. I miss you&me.
Love Always,


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