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Face the world alone

the first time i met him or even saw him, was in 6th grade. He like my best friend and i really didn't notice him at first until he would talk to me alot(about my friend brooke). well, like every middle school relationship the guy always talks to his girlfriend's best friend because basically they don't really know how to be a boyfriend so he would always ask me what she wanted him to in hold hands,hug...etc... but one day we were talkin and just randomnly he dumped brooke. so i was talkin to him about it and he said he just went out with her to get to me. i admit it i did kinda like but i wouldn't dare let my feelings ruin mine and brooke's friendship over some guy. but brooke told me she thought we should go out so we did. and 6-7th grade we were off and on all the time. one week would be mad at eachother and the next we'd be walkin down the hallways holdin hands. it was a rollarcoaster, but i always loved the ride. we'll we broke up right before 7th grade year ended. over the summer i tried my best not to think about him and honestly thought that i was finally getting over him. but then he called me and once again i fell for it...and i fell freakin hard too! he asked me to go back out with him again and kept telling me that he made a mistake. i said no...but then the whole summer he was stuck in my mind. well, 8th grade year rolled around and it was right before christmas break when we got back together. i had never been so inlove with ANYONE in my entire life. i was flying!! we always had our troubles though, his parents hated me, and mine hated him as we couldn't ever talk on the phone alot because we'd most likely get caught. and our school is strict bout pda so you couldn't even kiss the only thing you could pretty much do is hold hands and mabye a side hug...i know ridiculous but we broke the rules of course. he gave me my very first kiss...and i swear i about cried that day because i couldn't believe how happy i was...we would hug everyday and hug until we just absolutely had to let parents made us break up after that cuz they found out that we kissed...we got back together though in secret only letting our closest friends know...we had to be very sneaky. it was pretty hard i'm not gonna lie. but i loved him with i had and i wasn't gonna just give up that easily just because a few people didn't want us to be together...i didn't care. i loved him and that was the truth and loved me or so i thought. we would always talk about how when we would grow up and get married and how he would take me to all the places i'd never been and wanted to see. i also made him promise to take me to his hometown too. he promised he would NEVER leave or never stop loving day his friends came up to me and said that he was going out with this girl named katlyn from his church while he was going out with me...i was devasted...he always tried to lie and tell me it wasn't but i knew it was cuz i would look at this girl's myspace all the time. eventually, he finally admitted the truth...i went home everyday for 3 months and cried myself to sleep. we had such good memories and i felt like he would never remember them...he would always say "its us against the world" but then he left face the world alone...


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