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I love u and miss u lot

It was her first class when i met her she came in class like a fresh breath of air and it was all such that i was only waiting for her . in just a week or so time we become good frends and i sooner realized that i was in love with her . Eager to tell i was but i didnt wanted to hurt our frendship in case if she said no, i was trying to find a suitable occassion when suddenly to my surprize one day she asked from me "do u like me" ? i was surprized but was happy and it looked like all of my wishes were coming true but the next moment my house of dream came down crashing when she said she loved someone else and is deeply involved with her though he was from her . Her happiness was mine so i couldnt said anything else but all the best for future . Since then we are good frend , she shares every bit of emotion with me whenevr she is happy or sad . for me a smile on her face means everything for me .I cannt forget that my life was aimless before she enterd , she gave me the aim , dreams , will power to acheive them . for me she would always be my best frend . sooner she will be leaving the city as she has got admission in one of the best management colleges of the country probably the things might not be the same but for me she would be my best frend true love of life . the onlything which i would like to say her which i never said to her "i love u and miss u lot"


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