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No shoving

Well it all strated when I said "that I will start cutting myself". He said "you need to stop saying that you will cut yourmelf" when the bell ring to go to class I just walked away he pulled me back but I was fighting to get away from him, but after we stop he ask me "why are you not talking tko me"? I said " I just look across the cafeteria you said what to me I was not even looking at you" he said "I was not talking to you". He push me hard that I almost fall in the hallway. When he walked away I said "do not ever push me no more!" When I whent to class a teacher came in asked me what was wrong I told her. She said " do not let him ever push you again or put his hands on me like that again" I said " Ok I will not let him do that to me again".


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