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My forever love

To appreciate this love you must know the story- from beginning to end.

I was 15, it was summer, he was 17. For years i had seen this boy with another girl, his childhood sweetheart.just by seeing the looks they gave each other you could tell they shared everything. After seeing this boy with this girl i made up my mind that i would one day have a boyfriend like him. Little did i know that it would turn out to be the real deal.
My friend had started dating one of his friends and we all met at a birthday party. I saw him and immediately recognised him and because i thought he had a girlfriend i didn't feel like i needed to impress, i could be myself. We walked side by side talking for hours, until it was way past my curfew and as i turned to leave he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards him. That was our first kiss and we left without saying a word, our kiss the last thing our lips shared.
The following few days drifted by with nothing but thoughts of our kiss. He didn't go to school and i was sure i would never see him again. So i was suprised when the doorbell sounded and my mum called up "Theres someone at the door for you... a boy"
I was in my pj's and hadnt brushed my hair and i definately didnt want to see a boy until my mum said "his name is mike". My heart leaped, my stomach churned and i raced down the stairs. He told me he knew which street i lived on but that he knocked on every door until he found the right one.
From that moment i knew i was in love.
Months passed and i told him i loved him everyday but he would never say it back because he 'didnt want to say it until it was true'.
The following summer i went on holiday with my girlfriends to the beach, we called each other all the time and because he was busy with work he said he couldnt visit. Until one day we were having lunch by the beach when i saw this boy walking towards us, it took me a split second to realise it was 'my boy' and i threw my sandwich to the floor and ran towards him. We held each other for what seemed like eternity and he leaned forward and whispered "i love you".
Apparently my girl friends had set the whole thing up, keeping it a secret from me and informing him of where we would be so that he could suprise me.
For the following year our relationship grew more passionate, our rows would be fierce and our reconcilliations even more so.
Until I really messed up.
We had been fighting, i was tired and emotional and my best friend lent me his shoulder to cry on. In a moment of madness we kissed. A small kiss, insignificant. I ran all the way home. I told no-one of my mistake in the hope that i could forget it. I couldnt.
On valentines day, because we had no money, mike waited for me to leave the house and set up an elaborate treasure hunt with clues which led to the freezer and a big tub of ben n jerrys. When i came home and found the clues i followed them eagerly until i found the ben n jerrys and a note which said
"To my forever love, every day i thank god that he has bought us together, no-one deserves to be this happy."
So i knew i had to tell him.
It was awful- i can honestly say that i have seen the exact moment someones heart breaks. The way his eyes seemed vacant, tears flooding down his cheeks without a sound. And i knew it was all of my fault.

Weeks passed and we didn't speak. I would sometimes hear his car pull up outside my house late at night, and i would peer out of the window and see him sitting in the car, music playing, crying. I heard stories that he had quit his job and thought about committing suicide through grief.
Everyday i prayed he would forgive me.

Months passed and i heard stories he was getting better and i had met someone else. We bumped into each other more regularly and made small talk. Eventually we became friends again.

It has been 3 years since we broke up, and i still think about him everyday. I call him when i am lonely and we talk about how happy we were.
I called him recently and we spoke for hours, i asked him if he would ever consider being with me again and he told me that he couldnt.
" is it because you just dont love me anymore?" i asked.
"of course i love you, you are my forever love" he replied.


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