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Two weeks

I was dationg this guy, we dated for awhile. It got to the point we went everywhere together and we were always together. i guess you could call it puppy love. but this guy meant a lot to me. but we both had flaws we didnt like about eachother. He refused to go to my family things but he would get so mad if i didnt go to his. and he didnt want to go to church with me but he would with his best friends. just little things like that. so i told him one afternoon we needed to talk. i told him i didnt want to have sex anymore that it wasnt the person i wanted to be. so i said you can be with me or you can be with someone who will give you the pleasures you want. and he had the guts to look at me and say let me think about it over the weekend. i didnt think that when you sit there and tell somebody everyday you love them, that you cant give one thing up for them. then he was mad and called me because someone though the broke up with me. what is the big deal we are broke up and its over... who cares who broke up with who. but after the first football game of me being a varsity cheerleader he texted me and told me i looked cute on the field, and asked me to meet up with him after the game. why do guys do that stuff. why cant they just let you be and let you get over it.?? so now he has a new girlfriend, but he was in love with me. it has only been 2 weeks since we broke up. :[


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