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I always loved her. I loved her from when i was 10 years old. She was my neighbor and we always would see each other. Although when i was in that age, I wasnt attractive. But as i grew up, I have changed. Now i am more attractive and stylish. I show respect and i am caring. But she always confuses me. She confuses me because she sometimes shows so much interest and intimacy. But on the other hand, she sometimes calls me a brother. I have no idea what to do. I love her so much that even when i am sleeping, I dream of her, when walking think of her, and when talking, accidently say the name of her. I now even dont dare to tell her that i love her. If she likes me, then why she sometimes call me her brother, and if she doesnt like me, then why she some other times shows so much interest and love towards me. I am totally confused.


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