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Secret relationship

so, i met this guy sophmore year in my spanish class, and he was completely head over heels for me. he wrote me poems and send me love letters. problem was: I didn't like him back. i thought he was not my "type" and i was always pushing him away. then last year he came out in a school musical for our high school drama and he did really good. i saw him smile up there, his eyes had lit up, and it just looked like thats exactly where he belonged. So after the show, i gave him a hug and left. throughout the rest of the week i couldn't stop thinking of him. then i realized "oh, my gosh. I really like this guy." now the second problem is: my friends and family don't like him. but i think i'm actually falling for him. when i told my mom, she blurted out "NO way!" my frends all asked if i was retarded. I can't help who i fall for, and i just wish i could somehow tell him i have the same feelings, but how? i like him so much that i dont want it to be a secret relationship, i want to show the world.


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