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You're a ghost

Remember all those times when i'd talk to you late into the night..when i loved you when i knew you loved another? Your gone. You sure left your mark. Its not enough to say you left me broken hearted..i just need somebody to hold me. I dont cry anymore. But i do hate myself and everything..i hate the way things are. I thought i'd be happier without not. You were never there, you didnt care. You cheated and lied..and still everyday its you my heart secretly desires. After all this time..your a ghost. I know your here, i just dont see you. Im hurt, scared and lonely..i've got so much to give. Everyday i am reminded of some way. The sunshine makes me wanna hide..the darkness..i cant find a place to rest. Though your gone..your still my my wasnt long enough..why'd you have to do this? I would've given up everything for you..Did i love you too much? Im still bitter..i sit here in my cold room..praying..for a miracle..for you to walk back through that the way it was was long for last forever. I was defeated..i miss you so just left me all alone..What did i do to you? I was always were lieing from the was long enough to last forever.


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