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It had to end that way

We first met at a party, when our eyes met we both admired eachother. He came to where i was standing with a bunch of my friends and asked me aside. I didn't hesitate, because i admired him the very second my eyes met him. We talked about many things, got to know a little about eachother and he gave me his number whereby we communicated for quite a while. As time passed by, i fell inlove with him even more, but i couldn't tell him. I thought it was too lame for a girl to ask a guy out. We were only close friends, we kissed, which even made me fall inlove with him more. Bt still, i couldn't tell him what i felt. many years passed n finally i revealed my feelings, bt he never said "I LOVE YOU TOO.' Few weeks ago i met him at the club, holding hands with a pretty girl, and he introduced her as his girlfriend. He looked at her passionately,and held her passionately. I felt so bad. He is the one and only guy i've ever had feelings for all my life But i realised the best way is to let go. Being friends with him has always tortured me, so that night after i met his girlfriend I cried all night, felt heartbroken to realise he never felt anything, and changed my number for good. we lost communication, I just lost a close friend, BUT IT HAD TO END THAT WAY...


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