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Ends in goodbye

I left because I love you.
8th grade summer, aha, remember?
so much good memories.
so much happiness.
so much drama.
so much love.
one of the greatest friendships i've had,
in such a short time,
you became my life.
i missed your hugs,
everyday, i can still see the memories clear.
the times i'd go over your house to sleep over,
the times i'd play with your hair,
the times we'd play basketball..
the times we'd just, wrestle..
when you sang to me,
when you'd call me in the middle of the night and my mom yelled at you and our friend..
good times..
yet years pass,
highschool happens,
and we get into arguments.
our friendship in danger.
falling, crying inside, missing you.
our lives take different paths.
you meet her,
i meet him,
and confessions fall out of silence..
i love you.
you love me.
i wanted you.
you wanted me.
but not a word spoken.
only friendship is greater than relationship.
but it hurts,
like a stab.
not only in the heart,
but in my soul,
my body don't wanna feel alive anymore.
my eyes just want to cry.
i just wanna stop,
reaching out for something to feel.
trying to fully feel the hurt, so that i can let go.
but times have past,
i try to avoid you,
try to let you have your happiness.
but i hurt,
and i can't take it.
you've fallin in love with someone else.
and i was left hanging,
you showing affections here and there,
confusing me.
i fought for you.
i didn't care anymore. about anyone else. but you.
i fought for you.
for months, you kept me hanging.
until i finally realized who you have become.
someone i can't believe i fell in love with.
someone who has lied,
hurt me,
when all you had to do was be honest with me.
that's all i asked for,
honesty and love.
but trust were broken,
promises were thrown away,
i tried. i fought.
but it was always the same dilemma.
i tried for our friendship,
but i recieved nothing back.
and so here i've had enough.
leave was my last option.
i thought i couldn't leave without you.
but i've proved myself wrong..
a school year without your friendship.
what could've been a beautiful 4 year relationship.
just ends in a goodbye.
i love you.
i loved you.
do i still love you?
deep down i still care.
but i can't go back.
i have to move forward.
and keep moving..
i can't stay back anymore.
you were my first love.
my bestfriend.
but it stops here..
and hopefully you're happy now.
maybe years later, we'll be friends again.
but until then,
i must confess...
I left because I love you.


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