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Horse rider

Well it was all really funny. Where I am from we have this annual Bull Riding fundraiser for Firefighters. Early that day when I was helping my dad getting stuff ready for that night of the bull ride. I had notice this guy that was helping getting the bulls ready up in the shoots. He had this cowboy hat, boots with spirs, and the horse. Well I really never thought anything about it after that. Then later that night when I had to help one of the ladies from this other fire department, I noticed that same guy again, but this time he was on a horse rounding up some of the roping steers. Me and that ladie were setting stuff out for this one event that was about to start and that guy leaned over the fince and asked if he could get a toy too! being myself I thought I would just give him one, (kinda flirting at the same time)...well that kinda back fired, his horse almost bucked him off when I threw the toy at him, so I felt kinda bad after that! But we just sat and laughed about it. So then when it was time to shut down, I was sitting inside with the drinks and all, then he walks in, I could tell it was him, his spirs went "Clank, Clank, Clank" and my heart just like jumped right out of my chest. He was standing on the other side of the room and I leaned over to that ladie that I was helping earlier, and I asked her who he was because I thought he was CUTE! Well when I saw him I thought he was way older than me, but that ladie told me he was only 16 or 17 and I was like Dang! hes younger than me. So I really never thought anything about it after that, because he would never go for a girl 2 years older than him. Well then like a couple of weeks later that ladie saw me in our local store and she told me what his name was. Then the next day she txt me and told me what his number was and told me that she gave him my number. Then sooner than I thought I get a phone call and its HIM! I was like OMG, why is he calling me!? So we start talking, then we started hanging out. We became really good friends, we would go work cattle together, So pretty much we were hanging out almost everday. I met his parents, grandparents, and all them. Then he met my parents, grandparents, and all the rest of my family. So he comes to my graduation which was like our 3rd or 4th week of being friends, at my after graduation party my cousin and I had a cake because we both graduated. So we take a bite into the cake and my goofy cousin desides to push my head in the cake and I had purple frosting all over my face! Well one of my aunts pops off and tells me to keep the frosting on because my boyfriend might want to lick it off (well we werent bf and gf yet) anywho! make a long story short...We go back to his house and we still hang out a couple more days and one night we just came back from wal-mart and we were sitting on the back end of my truck and he looks at me...and asks me what I thought about him/us. I told him the truth, how he was sweet, nice, cute, and how we got along soo well and that I have never met a guy that I got along with so well, and then I told him that I really liked him. He then looked at me, placed both his hands on the sides of my face, and gave me one lil kiss (which this was our 1st kiss)which took the breath out of me. Then he asked me some lyrics from one of our favorite songs "Would You Go With Me?"...I looked deep into his eyes and I said Yes I will Go With you!

We are still together, we still have our fun and awesome moments, and we still feel like that 1st night that he asked me out. I know that it was no fairy tale story type thing but HEY there was a horse in it LOL. For yall reading this and you havent found that right guy or gall out there dont be afraid to be yourself. Also take it slow, be friends before you get together


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