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How will it end?

One night I went to the club, it was my first clubbing. He is the first guy who I dance with. I was drunk and we were just dancing. His first impression to me was I'm so diff compare to the other woman. I never try to kiss him and refuse to have him buy me a beer coz my reason was I have my own money. I dont feel anything special that night about him at all. He ask my number and we talk over phone every night like for 3 hours. Then we decided to meet each other for the second time... Things happen so fast and we became this so called friends with benefits, no commitment at all. It was fine to me coz that time it is so clear that I dont have any emotional feelings for him... He makes me feel that Im the only person that he most care about, he will do everything just to see me everyday even we live an hour drive aprt. One day I woke up I am falling in love with him. but i never told him that since i knew he's not ready for a serious relationship, whatever he's reason I dont know. Even i didnt tell him about my feelings he knows how I feel coz he said I he can feel it. He told that we better not see each other for a while since he knew Im falling for him. So I told him ok if that's what u want... One day he message me that he wants me back and if I still want to be his friend with benefit. I refuse to do it even I want to take that chance to be with him. But I have a pride, I told him that Im not gonna be him unless he promise that its not just a friend with benefit. But then he refuses my offer...I decided to forget about him untill after so many months we met in the club again... We dance all night but never said a thing to each other except for Hi's and how u doin'?... When I left, riding in the car with friend I realized how much I miss him and still like him alot...Actually I never stop loving him. Untill the time that I decided to move out from that state to be with my family. One day I receive a message from his best friend telling me that how much he still wants me...and that he never had an affair with anybody after me. Now I try to have communication with him but were very far from each other...Were friends now and we chat a little bit online but no one open a conversation how much we still feel for each other... I dont know how its gonna end...


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