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Life could have been better

not all love stories have perfect ending as is mine.i was a very shy girl who rarely used to speak with boys.i remember my cousin,how we used to kiss for fun and put our hands around each other and sleep.the first time we kissed was when he was 16 and i was 14,he fell for me and asked me for more,i had warned him that i will tell this to our parents,so we stopped kissing.then he went to USA for further studies,one day i heard my frind speaking abt she maiking out with her bf,i thought abt my own sex life ,and i realized my cousin was the best match for me,who could please me and noone could please him as much as i can,so when he came back,i could not resist but hug him tight as he was my bf,soi told him about my whole life and how i love him more than before,he to said yes,and next our whole family had gone out of town,so we were all alone,we watched sexual movies and we kissed.we had kissed first,but this kiss just made me feel special and guilty both,we made out for all 4 days.then we both went out on vacation and we were in a room,we both lied on the bed after having bath,kissing and making out,we saw a lovemaking scene,his penis got excited and touched me.he said he wanted to go to toilet to release,i said why not release it into me,he said it wa sincest and not correct,i said even the kissing was incest,so no point in backing out now,so he came into me,it hurt a bit,but we continued and i was feeling gr8 pleasure.finally we asked our parents if we could marry,they just threw us out of the house and then they forced us to marry someone else,we had no choice but to do so,but still when we get chance,we still have sex,but life could have been better if were together now..........


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