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I am a lot happier now

Lets see,I guess this all started back in high school... There was this boy who sat just across from me in one of my classes, I would always catch him starring at me. Never gave it too much thought, actually I found it kindda annoying to tell you the thruth. After that semester I never did see him around school...not that I was even looking.

six years later that same boy walked into my work, of course I didn't remember him .. Before he left he stop to ask for my name, the name of the school I attended and where I lived . Mind you I was not sopuse (sp?) to be at work that morning so I was in no mood for personal questions ! But I procedded to anwsere his questions anyway, after awhile I remeber exactly who he was, I never knew his name before that day. He was actually pretty charmimg we ended up swaping numbers and gave him a call that same night=)
We went out that night and the next night and the next !!
We got along great ! I never really had a connection with anyone else like I did with him, I let my guard down so to speak .. I was smiling from ear to ear. Like I have never before, everyone seemed to notice =) I couldn't describe it I was just so happy !!! I was floting !!

Of course the whole thing was too good to be true, as I found out he was only here for a small period of time. In a few days he would be returning to where he was stationed. Yes he is a miliatry man.. He was litterly station on the other side of the country.. I guess I could have just walked away..but there was something about him! I couldn't just not have him in my life ..

So we keept in touch thru phone calls and text messages... a few months later he he told me he was deploying. The words I never wanted to hear. As calm a could I told him that he was going to be ok , I promise to write to him, that we would always stay in touch . After I got off the phone with him I cried I couldn't explain my emotions and I was so scared I was mad.I just looked at his picture and thought how brave he looked in his uniform and I would have to be brave too. I never have shed a tear for any other boy. I knew he was worth it ...

He has been in the middle east for half of his duty tour now, he is almost home !!!!! We write to each other and I send him care packages. Today I realized that he is THE ONE !! I can't believe I am actually saying this, I am the girl who swore never to fall for a guy again..the one with so much pain, the one that pushed everyone away.. HE has changed all that. I am a lot happier now =)

Now that I have him in my life I can't imagine what it would be without him ... I have my days when I miss him so much and worry when I don't hear from him, sit up all night thinking of how it will be to have him home for good ! I think how its wird ..everything works out, I mean this is the guy who I had a class in highschool with, who's name I didn't even know!!! 6 years later he is the one person in my life I care the most aboout ... there has been some hard moments for us this year.. nothing harder then a deployment,yet we are still here for one another=)
I still smile everytime I think of him, I have thought about him everyday since the day I meet him. And I can't wait to see him hold him. Ill wait, ill be the one who stands by his side..


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