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My handsome

I met my handsome in January online on Local Hookupz. January 24th my handsome and i met for the first time at Willow Brook Deli. As soon as we met instant connection. Our first kiss was amazing. His kisses are like orgasms. The way i feel when he kisses me i feel like a princess. On January 26th he came back from the Bronx to see me. I was all over him in the car while my friends were in the hotel. A cop pulled us over to move the car. I moved the car and we started kissing again. He said " Should I tell you"? He said he loved me. Even if it was a couple of days since i met him i never felt so much excitment and joy in my life. Next day i told him i said first you like me 2nd time you said you love me what the 3rd time your gonna propose and your not even my boyfriend. Well he asked me. I said yes. Now i hardly see him because he lives in Bronx and i live in Staten Island. He comes down once a week or every 2 weeks. It sucks but then again im a college student, a pledge in a soriotory. I have a lot of things on my shoulders to take care of. So its good in a way. 4 months past by we both have the same feelings. I get butterflies a day before i see him. My handsome bites his fingers when he drives down here. I love him so much i never had a guy treat me like he does. He is always there for me. We speak to eachother everyday. And EVERYDAY my handsome makes me happy and keeps me on my toes. We love eachother and do anything for eachother. thats why he is my handsome.


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