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Our mountain

I knew from the very beginning, that even in the mist of my heart, and the clouds over my mind, that the only one I have ever needed is you.
For years I fought this feeling that I had for you, but nothing stopped the quickened rate of my heart, or the smile upon my face, when from you the messages I received.

Many are the things that stand between you and me -
The distance of a thousand miles, and the age that acts as a barrier.
But one day I knew that if I did not take this chance, I might as well not live at all, because no matter what I was not going to let Time take you from me.

I told you, oh my love, I told you of my feelings, spoken through my very heart -
This did bring happiness into your heart, and you fled upon this imaginary mountain to Wait, and see if I will Follow.
I know it is difficult to comprehend, that someone like me could love someone like you in this way.
But it is true, it is real, and that is why I now climb this mountain through the blizzards and the rain, and determined that one day I will reach the top where you wait for me...

I climb this mountain - Our Mountain.


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