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I love you too

i fell in love with an amazing guy who i met my freshman year in highschool. we were crazy for eachother and everyone knew it.i got pregnant my junior year in highschool, which we didnt plan. as time passed on and after his mother passed away, he changed. he began to set himself apart from me and he didnt seem to love me for me anymore. my senior year rolled around. when he broke up with me, he still came around to be with his son and he still took me places. we were more or less-friends. the previous year, i became great friends with another guy who graduated the year before me. he and i became even closer during this time. one day, i was having a rough time, so he texted me and invited me out. we went off to the reservior and talked for hours. it was so amazing. he wanted to help me take my mind off of things. he showed me such a great time. we walked around and shared stories and memories that we had. i felt so comfortable around him and catching him up on things that has happened the past year only showed me even more of his sweet side. we got together a few more times throughout the week and i began to realize that my feelings for him werent like a friendship way. it was more. months went by and eventually a year, on and off with my ex. and finally i found my gut and i was able to tell him how i felt. those three little words that are truly huge were never easy for me to say to just anyone. ive only told that to one person. but finally, as we were sitting on the dock of the reservior where we first hung out, i said it. "i love you". he looked at me for a few moments as i stared into his deep brown eyes.. he kissed me, then said, " i love you too".


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