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Not special

Its been 11 months since i last saw you, i watched you walk away with every piece of my heart. And its been an ongoing process trying to piece myself back together. I heard your dating some girl, i hope your happy. You left me broken and defeated. Does she make you smile? Does she love you with everything she has like i did? Does she understand you? Except you? Stand by you? do you tell her the same lies you told me? God i get so mad, i loved you so much. You'l do the same thing to her that you did to me and all the other girls. She thinks she's speacial..well news flash..HE DOESNT LOVE YOU. HE IS NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. YOUR NOT SPECIAL TO HIM..AT ALL. ALL THE STUFF HE'S SAYING TO YOU HE'S SAID TO ME AND COUNTLESS OTHER GIRLS. EVERYTHING HE'S DOIN TO YOU HE DONE TO ME. A DAY WILL COME..SOONER OR LATER HE WILL BE DONE WITH YOU. SO WHEN YOU THINK YOUR SPECIAL YOUR NOT. YOUR JUST ANOTHER VICTIM. Dont worry, someday i'll finally move on and find someone new. And you will never break my heart in two again.


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