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There are….many ways to describe love. Some people consider it as the blessing of life, while some think otherwise. In my case, love doesn’t exist any more.
My life is so short and it’s filled with bitter memories.
It all began when I was five years old when I lay my eye on the girl sitting next to me. Out of nowhere came the feeling that’s so unique and so strong that it made my heart beats so fast that I can almost faint from the sudden rush.
I cannot stop looking at her. Here, I thought there is something wrong with me.
After a year passed, I never saw her again because we were moved to different classes.
Life was tough ever since. I can’t recall of having any friends during my childhood period, nor any from of happiness. All there was…were tears, angry, hatred and suicidal thoughts. School was a nightmare, and my home is hell. The purpose of living? I have none.
I continued to live my life in sorrow until I met her again a few years later. We ended in the same classroom again. Like a small candle lighting up a dark room, her existences brighten up my life. She has become….so…..beautiful. Even now in heart, no girl was able to replace her. Sad enough, she doesn’t seem to know me.
I constantly volunteer to sit at the end corner of the classroom just so that I can look at her without being notice. Her presence gave meaning to my dull and horrible life. The feeling of happiness came back to me during that time. My feeling for her begins to build up.
I was so in love with her that I wish her to know, but I never did.
Who am I? Who am I to deserve her? Who am I compare to countless of guys standing next to her? I am nobody….I don’t deserve to be love….by her. I have nothing.
With that, I bottled up my feeling and never show it to her, and so, my heart start to ache and tears start to falls. I have lost so much in life already; I don’t wish to lose her. The thought of having her nearby is enough, the sound of her laughter is enough…..That’s all I need.
Then come the day I wish it wouldn’t, graduation. For the first time, I wish to stay longer in this school, to stay longer with her, but her departure was inevitable. With that, I said good bye to her with my tears. Although she never know who I am, but I am grateful to be alive because of her.
With her disappearance from my life, I felt the pain in my heart like never before. From there, I swore to never fall in love again. I only love her and no one else. This pain I have is only for her.
Now, I am still alive…with unforgettable images for her smile. I will never forget her until the day I die.


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